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Garage Door Company

Garage Door Company

Excellent garage door service by top home contractors

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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

The specialists of our company maintain all garage door parts and the panel thoroughly, they isolate and fix problems, and they lubricate and fasten parts

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

We offer garage door opener repair services with speed, are here to solve issues with the reverse mechanism and to replace old and damaged openers

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We take into consideration everything you ask our company and give you the answers right here. Garage doors can be a problem whether there are issues or you need new ones. In either case, our company supports you by answering all frequently asked questions as accurately and as simply as possible.

This is the place where information is shared. There are plenty of garage door repair FAQs

What are the advantages of using wireless keypads?

Technicians at Garage Door Repair Monterey Park explains that once a wireless keypad is programmed, it enables anyone with the access code to enter the garage without using a key.This is great for family members who usually forget to pick up the keys upon going out of the house. There are generally two types of wireless keypads, one with intellicode, and the other without.

My garage door opener does not work with both the wall switch and the remote. What's wrong?

In this case, make sure to go back to the power source.The source may probably be disrupted. The motor unit should be properly plugged in. If the power source has no problem, check the fuse, GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter), or the circuit breaker. They might have been dislodged.

Can I paint my garage door?

Most wooden garage doors are factory primed and they should be painted on all sides even before they are installed. Steel garage doors also need extra care while painting and never use an oil based paint on them as they should be painted only with a good quality latex exterior paint. It's better to paint them early in the morning as they tend to dry unevenly in the sunlight.

How do I troubleshoot a broken opener?

You should let it cool first and try to run it again. Maybe it has got overheated. If this does not work you should inspect the circuit board, the moving gears and the motor for damage. If any of these parts is damaged or broken, it will require replacement.

Is a glass garage door a good choice for me?

The main benefit of these doors is that they are quite sophisticated and absolutely beautiful. They are resistant to the elements as they have aluminum frame and glass panels. The panels will not require any maintenance apart from cleaning. Glass is prone to breaking, however. Besides, it provides minimal insulation.

What is the best material for garage door?

Garage doors are made of three main types, namely steel, wood and vinyl. Steel doors are sleek, require low maintenance and do not wear that easily. Wood doors are aesthetically good but need more insulation, stronger opener and are expensive. Vinyl doors are the most economic and have low maintenance, but their insulation is not proper.

How are cables connected with springs?

Garage door cables wind and unwind around drums, which are connected with the shaft of the torsion spring. When the spring moves, the shaft moves and this movement is transferred to the cable through the drum. In the case of extension springs, there are also pulleys connecting with the springs and acting like guides to the cables. The combined force of springs/cables moves the overhead door.

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