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Garage Door Company

Garage Door Company

Excellent garage door service by top home contractors

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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

The specialists of our company maintain all garage door parts and the panel thoroughly, they isolate and fix problems, and they lubricate and fasten parts

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

We offer garage door opener repair services with speed, are here to solve issues with the reverse mechanism and to replace old and damaged openers

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Home maintenance experts provide you with garage door repair tips. This page says it all

Garage door and children

Children should never be allowed near a garage door especially when it is closing or opening.

Remote and wall controls for opener systems should be kept out of their reach. Any type of control units and buttons should be mounted at least five feet off the ground. Explain to your child that garage doors, openers and remotes are not toys and touching any part of a moving garage door could possibly hurt them.

Visually inspect your garage door

The importance of preventive maintenance cannot be overemphasized.

Something as simple as a visual inspection can go a long way to ensure that the system functions well. Garage Door Repair Monterey Park pros advise homeowners to regularly check for signs of wear and tear on springs, rollers, cables, pulley and other hardware. If the safety cable is fraying or appears to be broken, then it is time to repair or replace them.

Security checks on garage doors

It is recommended to hold a series of minimum checks that must be undertaken on a regular basis. The first has to do with the ability to open and close firmly. You then consider the electrics and coding so that you can thwart potential intruders. The third relates to the safety of all users.

Lubricating overhead garage doors

Garage doors need to be well-lubricated. It allows the springs to work at their best, giving the right torque and pressure when the garage door slides open or closed. However, overhead garage doors must not be too lubricated, as you do not want the garage door to slide down too fast.

Choosing a garage door for business

Depending on the need of the company, decide if you need an automatic door or if a manual one is good enough. Take into consideration the budget for the cost and the installation. If the business is quite a big one, security and safety features must be complete. The durability of the materials must be studied as well.

Consider remote opener operation over the internet

Despite the common misconception, even some older units can be paired with special gateways allowing them to get connected to the internet. In order for you to operate the connected device remotely, you will need a special app. The specialists at Garage Door Repair Monterey Park point out that most opener brands already have such apps for smartphones and tablets. The app enables you to monitor the door and to close it automatically regardless of your location.

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